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Member Sharing

This page is designed to network Members and Instructors and to provide a forum that encourages growth of self and co-member support.  Please feel free to share your experiences, personal awakenings, evolving outlook, and ask any questions that come to mind.
There are three important dimensions of training that need to be applied to create optimal benefit.  They include study of the principals, the practice, and living practice.

  • How is your current physical condition?
  • What are your healing signs?
  • What are your awakenings, physically, emotionally, spiritually?
  • What are you learning through your dahn-jon?
  • How is your practice impacting your daily life?
Member Sharing:

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Jo-Ann: “I have attended classes for a month, 4 – 5 days a week, and in that short time, have noticed greatly increased energy and a sense of well-being. The instruction is professional, relaxing yet challenging, with a lot of information unfolding in the practise. I love it!”

Ed Bosman: “A year ago, I was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease.  The main symptoms were tremors in the right arm and leg, and loss of coordination such as swinging the right arm while walking.  I started practicing at Heart Drum Beat a month ago and attended at least 4 classes per week.  This week I had appointments with my neurologist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.  They both told me they saw an improvement over my last visit and the TCM Doctor asked me what exercise I was doing.  Overall, I feel more energetic and have regained coordination and flexibility.”

Cynthia Van Order: “I felt that we were given a lot of education and training in this workshop, as well as experiential learning. I’m amazed how much is packed into these workshops and how valuable they are. I feel re-inspired to build my foundation to prepare myself for further growth and development. I want to find a way to convey to our community the amazing resource we have here and how important it is.”

Sheila Watt: “Thank you for all these great workshops you have provided for us. The Yoga practice and your great facility and workshops have helped to truly transform my life. Many blessings to you… and thank you for being a great role model.”

Raven Grauman: “Experiencing this yoga has been a blessing . I feel stronger already.”

Christa Barette: “I am so grateful for this practice.  I feel strength growing in my core.  I feel stronger and more centred.  I am so grateful for having an actual PHYSICAL connection to the spiritual concepts that I have studied.  This practice has given me practical tools I have been searching for to strengthen and connect my body and mind on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  For once I can actually FEEL my chakras and some of the connections to my various energy bodies (ie: emotional body) that I had previous to this only read and studied about.  Thank you Arrow.  I look forward with excitement (in the present of course, so enjoying this) to shedding more layers as I come ever closer to living as my authentic self.  Howa’a, Migwitch I am so grateful thank you.”

Betty Ciccone: “I did 10,000 toe taps today. I double dare you all to do the same!!!!!  The feeling upon completion was amazing.”

Lee Brain: 10,000 toe taps!  “It was hard for the first little bit.  My mind kept saying;  Can you last this long?  There would be sudden shifts of heat to my face and tingling in my fingers.  Eventually the energy shifted after 6’000 taps.  At one point I felt I could go forever.  When it was over I felt calmer and more relaxed and a lot more open.  After the cool down stretching my lower back feels amazing.  Glad I did it.”

Christa Barette: 10,000 toe taps.  “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G like a shamanic experience, a connecting, a travelling, an inspiring of every cell’s potential to let go and renew.  This energy carried through and has changed me (for the better) forever.  Very sacred healing trance ~I highly recommend.

Angela Addison: I did 10,000 toe taps together with Arrow. It was a challenge to focus on the practice and initially my distracting thoughts made it hard to keep count. After about 6,000, frustration and negative energy had been released and gave way to focus and calmness. Having the pressure points in the feet stimulated created a very refreshing feeling of lightness from head to toe! I slept SO well last night!”

Lee Brain:  Thank you Arrow  – if it wasn’t for your guidance, that put me on the path within, and helped me develop my daily practice – I would never have reached the truth inside. I wish you well on your new journey, and trust that I will see you again when the time is right. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

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Deepening awareness into full life authorship…to embody the creator within.

The Workshop series is sequentially designed to awaken, deepen, and build upon your current mind, body, spirit connection.
As you go through the process of awakening, and detoxification and return to balance, (integrate and harmonize), shifts occur in awareness and levels of consciousness.
While “daily living practice” is the only true vehicle for lasting benefit, each workshop can be the impetus for powerful change and members often experience unexpected developmental milestones.  Sometimes the awakening, clearing, and integration process can be exhilarating, and sometimes it can be confusing, as we return to our true nature, detoxify and restore curiosity and faith in our inherent abilities.
Please share your process so you may hear from those on the path ahead of you and aid those following behind…
How was your workshop experience and what are you noticing as a result?

Member Sharing:

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Principles of Brain Management

Sonya:  I got a very good opportunity to try yoga.  I’ve heard about yoga for years & felt discouraged about trying it, because of my weight.  Doing this Heart Drum Beat even for only 2 days, I felt like a new person.  My experience was that it challenged me, not only physically, but emotionally as well.  I came to a point in my life where I actually recognized my own feelings, & I truly believe it was because of this type of yoga that my awakening has come to pass.

I have a better outlook on MY life.  Even toward the food I eat to the thoughts I think & feelings I feel, & focus on.  This workshop was a great experience.  I would recommend it to anyone who is having a difficult time dealing with all emotions or even just one emotion.  I’ve enjoyed taking advantage of taking Heart Drum Beat.  It’s given me a new look on life, a positive look.

Julie:  For me this workshop was Amazing.  I was really nervous at first, but after a few hours I relaxed and just tried to enjoy it, which I did.  It really opened my eyes as far as my health & wellness.  I really need to start taking care of myself inside & out.  I am hoping my group gets to do another workshop again sometime in the future.

Samantha:  This 2 day workshop benefited & changed not only my life but the other women who attended too.  I have never felt so open to speak my mind & be open to new things.  I finally realized that you have to heal yourself before you can heal your family, & to help you feel like you again.  I had not been an open person, or positive person until I went to this workshop that helped build my confidence, be comfortable and overcome the fear of speaking in front of others. My changed outlook on life has showed that life is way too precious to always hide behind our thoughts & emotions.  I still continue to do almost all the exercise we were shown & did in the workshop.  I continue the exercise almost everyday, belly drumming, intestine exercise, yoga & tai chi.  They help me manage my stress level, help circulate the blood flow through my body, and bring balance to my life.  If I had to sum up in one word how I felt after completing this workshop it would be:  “Reborn”.  The other words that I felt are: “refreshed, healed & relaxed.  I definitely recommend this workshop to other women who would be willing to help themselves heal from all the physical & emotional pain in thier lives!

Inez:  I loved this 2 day workshop.  It happened at the right time for me because I was so stressed & overwhelmed.  The stress I was experiencing had affected my lower back so badly I was having a hard time walking & had anxiety.

Day 1:  After learning some great breathing, stretching & drumming techniques I could feel a difference in my self (awareness) by noon.  By 4:oo I felt such a sense of release of stress.  I felt very emotional that I was able to take care of me as a person for a change.  I felt good & slept like a baby so relaxed, not nearly so stressed or overwhelmed.  The tears flowed because I took care of me that day.

Day 2:  I felt so relaxed & ready for new breathing & drumming techniques.  I felt a little sore because I had used muscles I had not used in a long time (but good).  I enjoyed every minute of this 2 day workshop.  I released some heavy things I carried through the drumming, self awareness, relaxation & meditation techniques.  I also learned I could do this more with self care at home, or wherever I am.  I enjoyed the workshop & it made a big difference for me.  By the time it was all done I was able to walk better again & learned what to do to de-stress, whenever I need to.  It made a huge difference for me.  Thank you kindly.

TSDS – 1 – Building Heart Drum Workshop

Cathy Coates:  My awakening came from seeing I don’t really have a goal in mind other than just having a practice for myself that is spiritual and not just physical. My spirit is out of balance and this practice is helping me. Patience.  My emotions are strong. People always encourage and focus on my heart opening and that has put me off kilter. I’ve been putting my physical needs to the side for taking care my son and my lovers. I don’t want to live like that and it only hurts them when I neglect myself.

Vivien Adams: I understood that I have my own power that I can develop and use for my health, mental clarity, and improved relationships.  I learned a lot about the scientific system behind Taoist Yoga. I enjoyed the exercises which gave me an experience of a specific learning, as this will be more real to me than theory. I realize I am at the beginning of a lifelong discipline, and I feel encouraged to continue.

Anissa Watson:   My training was really powerful.  I found that by the end of the day my abdomen was so warm.  Also, it’s been helpful to pay attention to my dahn-jon at different times of the day.  For me – just the discovery of the strength in my dahn-jon was fantastic!  I awakened to different areas that need work in my body.  Also found it really cleared my head.

Raven Grauman: This workshop will open your eyes to new ways of strengthening….i loved my experience with the rock especially

Lee Brain: My heart drum beat is definitely coming into fruition – thanks! 🙂

Mavourneen Bolton: Amazing!!  I learned that through any amount of chaos I can clear my mind and be @ peace.  I also learned that I can control how I feel no matter what others think about me or feel about me.  I also learned new tools to help me release stress.  I learned that if I push myself I can accomplish anything.  It was great.

Jennifer Rice: My Awakening is that I even have a dahn-jon & it serves a purpose.  That it seems we are so whole as an infant & then we gradually stray from wholeness making it neccessary to undo these bad habits, – and that it takes effort & work!

I plan to integrate this into living practice by being more mindful of being true & living from a place that is dahn-jon-centered.  Being dahn-jon centered is like being an infant , when we are our own true selves – strive for that.

Kieren Nelson:  My biggest insight was how important it is to have hands on connection with myself The free flowing dance & energetic vibrations really opened my eyes to how disconnected I have been.  Instead of trying – & often failing – to sit still & meditate, I now know of an alternative that works for me. 😀

Marg Engisch:  The workshop was fabulous, I can’t believe that the day was up!  Thank you for bringing me to a new level of awareness and teaching me how to bring myself to calm and joy.

TSDS – 2 – More Than Body

Jean Dresen: This workshop opened my emotional centre and has showed me how to allow myself to shed un-needed energy through releasing it.  Through this release I have come deeper into my core and been able to recognize some of my core fears and issues which I was afraid to face before.

Christa Barette: This workshop opened my emotional centre and has showed me how to allow myself to shed un-needed energy through releasing it.  Through this release I have come deeper into my core and been able to recognize some of my core fears and issues which I was afraid to face before.

Derek Hogan:  I fully enjoyed this workshop.  I’m amazed I was able to hold a pose for 45 minutes.  Thank you Arrow 🙂

TSDS – 3Awakening True Self

Jean Dresen: It was life changing for me. To break into my soul is a great gift. My awakening is that I am LIGHT.

Christin Keeler: Beyond expectations. Very intense experience – moving, meaningful, real. Feeling unconditional love & compassion through the structured experiences. Hope. All that I need is in my soul.

Gerry Craig: I realized I already had what I wanted (peace).

Christa Barette:  Arrow, a comment on the workshop –  You were DEAD ON with the astrology of the day.  I am not sure if you are “aware” of this, but wow.  bang on!  So harmonious.  I notice this with all of your workshops, actually.  so in divine flow with the universal energies, with the star’s callings and the connected mind of all of creation or so it seems.  New Moon, new beginings and with the conjunctions etc, the clairity needed was all provided by this workshop.  awesome.

Little Lamb: This workshop brought me very much out of my head and into my heart. I felt and saw the some of the pain and obstacles within me that prevent me from getting closer to my true self. Since the workshop I have been more aware of the challenges that arise in my life and when I’m in my centre, can see them as opportunities to just LET GO. The Map of Consciousness lesson by Dr. Hawkins was also fascinating to learn about. Thank you Arrow.

TSDS – 4 Reintegration

Jean Dresen: I learned today about my information and stories that I created and feel some guilt and shame about. This is not a totally new discovery but I related it to my partner. I feel today’s workshop will help me to continue my journey to my soul and my true self. I feel so grateful that I am in the company of a great instructor and participants. It is such a gift to be in a workshop that begins to change one’s life.

Cynthia Van Order: I learned that I can work with my information to realize my vision. Knowing that my stories or information or beliefs are not who I am is one thing, but learning how to work with them or change them is something I’ve tried to learn for years. Now I know that I have the tools to actually do this work. I also learned that I am afraid that I won’t succeed or that I won’t be able to see the source but I feel more confident knowing I have an established program to follow and the support of someone who has already followed this path, successfully.

Betty Ciccone: I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the workshop.  The review of the principals of energy I always find helpful and understand them at a deeper level.  I so enjoyed the brain breathing and the various meditations that we did.

Little Lamb:  I awakened that we really are all one and the sadness lies in the world not realizing it, believing & acting as though they are separate.  Through meditation I have continuously been able to see who I am & what I want, yet have had difficulty visualizing how to achieve or actualize it.  The Reintegration Workshop has given me new ways of connecting soul & spirit & a deeper understanding of tools & methods I already use..

Ian Lundquist:  My favourite workshop so far in the series!  I enjoyed learning & connecting to the types of music that resonate and harmonize the different parts of the body & brain. Brain stem, limbic system, neo cortex. I found the feedback valuable during the partner sharings. I felt the sincerity Bows in the beginning of the workshop helped us all get grounded.  Hold the VISION.  Practice – practice – practice.

TSDS – 5 – Mastery

Tree Murdock: “Enjoyed the workshop. Really appreciated the details about the conditions of a vision. I am looking forward to having more of a focus moving forward with how to cultivate my vision. Really felt like this was a capstone to the workshops I’ve taken this year. It provided a nice summary and points for integrating and moving forward in the practice. I feel like I have a better idea of my purpose. Really liked/enjoyed the earth meditation. The earth meditation was a highlight.”

Ian Lundquist:  Good workshop;  I liked the balance between actions steps, movements & meditations.  Nice completion to the 5.  I’m glad I finished the cycle & am optimistic & excited about meditation, holding the vision, and continuing.

Anna Lamb-Yorski:  This workshop was my favourite by far, albeit because I was in the right frame of mind to receive the information. Arrow is an excellent Instructor who acts with care, professionalism, & clarity, while at the same time making the workshops humorous & light. The day flew by & I cannot wait until next time. Thank you Arrow, I love & respect you & am eternally grateful for your teachings & sharing them with me. <3 Anna

The Five Elements- Affirmations & Kigong

Heather Goodings:  “Communicating with my organs has really changed the way I view health.  Knowing the meridians and what element is associated with them will help me plan my yoga sequences better.  I loved the whole workshop.  There was a lot of information, but all of the exercises and meditations helped to anchor the knowledge into the body.  Thank you!”

Vivien Adams:  “My awakening is that I have an intimate connection with my energy system and I want to honour it and be responsible for my way of being.  I feel this training will benefit me in terms of health – physical, emotional and mental, and in gaining spiritual clarity.  I understand better how a discipline and practice can be part of my life.  The information about the 5 Elements was clear and for me the beginning of learning more. I look forward to integrating it into my practice.”

Brittany Blake:  My Workshop experience was fantastic. It gave me the opportunity to experience the true and deep connection between my emotions and my body and how my mind escaping my body is NOT doing myself any good.  I’ve been able to step back and actually recognize which emotions are created as a result of not releasing old energy… old beliefs and patterns that hold me back from my true self. I’m recognizing the patterns and attachments that are causing me more suffering than freedom and can now begin to set myself free from them…  Though it may not be overnight, the tools I have now from this workshop are worth more than money can buy and I will use them for the rest of my life to release my worry, sadness, fear, anger and anxiety… and invited joy, peace, patience, tolerance, courage, focus, compassion, happiness  and so on.

Thank you!!!

Chelsea Holley:  This workshop has given me a deeper understanding of the sensations I subtly felt prior to classes – the Meridians.  I now have a deeper awareness of thoughts, emotions, feelings and the ability to stay centered and grounded or to regain composure.  This practice is deepening my awareness daily and I intend to continue doing it at home and teaching it to my kids.  I feel a stronger mind, less fragile and more clear.  This is growing daily.  GREAT CLASS!!  Thank you so much Arrow!

Shea Kotilla:  If I allow myself to go through a difficulty, the energy will ebb and flow through the stagnation and release.  I can feel my internal power awakening and the awareness to focus on my breath, quality of information and my Dahn jon developing.  I feel I am developing a path to health and happiness.  I feel so good after class.  Who wouldn’t want more of that.

Miles Olson:  This workshop series is adding depth and context to regular class training here, giving me routines for home practice and most importantly awakening/normalizing communication with deep aspects of self.  Lots here to work with.

Barbara Boney:  Became more aware of my body as a whole and feeling the energy along the meridians.  I will continue to do the element affirmations and exercises.  I have learned to “listen to my body” and following through its “tellings”.

Eriko Miyao:  I expected this workshop to be “simple kigong” classes, but am fortunate to learn about the basics of whole Chinese Medicine.  I enjoyed a lot.  Thank you.  I now have more intimate relationship with organs and more understanding of Chines Medicine.

SUN Tao Yoga Instructor Training

Christiane Chouinard:  A valuable time to build on the previous depth that I gained with last summer’s training.  I feel I am back closer to my centre and grateful to be here.  It was challenging but I was able to overcome the various exercises limits with help but at the same time drawing on my own internal strength and resources.

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