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Class:  5:20 pm Wednesdays.


Ki Gong is an energy-based, non-combative, healing martial art, with roots dating back thousands of years into Asian history.  This form is from Korea and is  known as “The Art of Being Limitless”.

The mind-body training methods combine martial arts movements with universal energy principles to help practitioners circulate blood and energy through the body, and recover the natural balance and rhythm of the body and mind.

Its goal lies in training the body and mind to become one.

Ki Gong causes energy to circulate through every cell of the body through the meridians, blood vessels, and nerves.  When the energy flows freely the chest begins to feel comfortable, the functions of the internal organs are improved and the mind clears and becomes refreshed.  Swallowing the saliva that this produces results in the natural healing of most diseases in the body.  Mentally, as we become linked to the energy source of the infinite universe, numerous creative potentials manifest themselves in us.

Internal muscles are trained by movements that are natural and slow, like fluid water, and by other movements that are occasionally powerful and strike like lightening.  A feeling of heat is generated in our bodies during these movements, and cold, harmful energy that has penetrated deep within our bones is expelled.  Through regular practice blood circulation becomes smooth and regular, and the blood itself is cleared of impurities.   As a result our minds become very clear.  Once the body has properly cultivated its internal energy, its vital activities and natural healing ability are maximized, muscles and cells that have hardened and lost flexibility recover their vitality, the body is purified and its constitution is changed.

Our natural temperament is closely connected with our internal organs.  When our organs are healthy and our energy becomes harmonious, our temperament also becomes warm and harmonious.  Furthermore, our eyes and our hearts are opened to a deep love for the world and all beings.

Would you like to achieve optimal health, strength and flexibility in body, mind and spirit?

  • Do you want to fine tune your focus and power of concentration?
  • Are yoga postures too difficult to enjoy for your current condition?

*Join us and see why this ancient practice has passed the test of time as a favored path to self realization.

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“I find these trainings joyful, playful, unifying, opening, warming, calming. freeing, true and just.  Like a feeling I've had but not known the language of or way to fully express.  Peaceful, opening a door to what is one-ness, grounding, exuberant and so grand about life and living, bringing the now into focus, bringing walls of separateness down.   Arrow, keep as you are.  Keep reaching others and opening doors just as you are now. ”

Alison Phillips

"Thank you Arrow  – if it wasn’t for your guidance, that put me on the path within, and helped me develop my daily practice – I would never have reached the truth inside. I wish you well on your new journey, and trust that I will see you again when the time is right. Thank you for being an amazing teacher."

Lee Brain

Mayor: Prince Rupert BC