Harnessing The Power Of The Water Element - Heart Drum Beat

Let the transformative nature of water unleash your ability to flourish, create and change…

Water Element represents all forms of water that exists on  earth.  It’s interesting to ponder the changing character of water; condensation, morning dew, clouds, soft or pelting rain, gentle streams, noisy waterfalls, the stillness of a frozen lake, a mighty river, the dark, silent depths of the oceans, waves gently, rhythmically lapping the shore or thundering down with crashing weight.. 

Examining this life giving substance can give us a glimpse of the endless aspects and potential of our own character, our bodies are primarily water after all.

In 5 Element theory, water represents the winter season. It is connected with dark, coldness and the time everything starts to die down, to hibernate or migrate. Through winter, we feel a need to spend time cozied up indoors, to sleep more, rest, eat and restore our energy.

People with strong water energy show qualities inherent to winter which can make them seem somewhat cool, calm and reflective. Inwardly they are building up reserves for spring, which usually brings new innovation as they can be highly creative.

The positive emotion associated with Water is calmness, while the abhorrent emotion is fear. A balanced Water Element uses resources of energy, time, contacts, and money wisely, rather than being miserly or mindlessly wasting them. An excess of this element is likely to display indecision, along with a lack of integrity and staying power.

Water element also represents a person’s wisdom. A balanced Water indicates a person is wise and intelligent and capable of thinking clearly and acting appropriately. Therefore, when Water element is very weak or missing, a person might be slow-witted, foolish, misguided or irrational in his/her thinking.

Drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning is one of the best habits you can adopt to get a strong start and staying hydrated is integral if you want to sustain high performance through your day.


Kidney Meridian

Water energy organs store the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy. Your kidneys store course life energy and genetic energy, or Jung, in their system, and distribute it to all the organs. Part of their system is the adrenal glands, which influence metabolism, immunity, sexual potency, and fertility.

Though kidneys maintain and process bodily fluids, they also filter toxins from the blood supply to the bladder, regulate the body’s acid-alkaline balance, and influence physical development, reproductive functions, and the skeletal system.

Some symptoms of a weak Kidney Meridian are: discomfort in the waist area; shortness of Kidney Meridian breath; weak lower back and knees; frequent diarrhea; insomnia; tinnitus; and cold sweats during sleep, with a preference for sleeping on the stomach.

Problems in the Water element organs (kidneys and bladder) are expressed in the Fire element organs (heart and small intestine). Serious dysfunction in the kidneys or bladder may cause a sudden rise in blood pressure or cause a stroke or cardiac arrest.


Exercises to Support Your Kidneys:

  • Myun-Moon breathing: This breathing technique stimulates the kidneys as they are gently massaged up and down. Focus on the Myung-moon point on your spine (opposite your navel) and breathe through it. This breathing helps ease the kidney’s functions of filtering blood and excreting toxins.
  • Yong-Chun stimulation: Located in the soles of your feet are acu-points called Yong-chun, or ‘spring well’ from which vital water energy emanates. With a comfortable fist or your fingers, tap, massage, or otherwise apply pressure to stimulate the points for about five minutes.
  • Superman posture: Lie on your stomach with your arms reaching out in front of you. Look straight ahead, arch your back, and lift your hands and feet, balancing on your lower abdomen.  Bend your wrists and ankles and hold this posture for 2 minutes. At first, take little breaks as required, holding the posture for longer periods as you are able.


Bladder Meridian

Of the 12 Meridians, the Urinary Bladder meridian is the longest, with the highest number of points (sixty-seven). Beginning at the medial corners of the eyes, it travels up the forehead, down along the sides of the spine, and ends in the little toes. Acupressure points along these sides of the spine are extremely important because they signal problems in the internal organs.

Your body’s Water element is regulated by the urinary bladder and pairs up with the kidneys as yang and yin partners. With its origins deep within the earth’s rocky underground, water springs from subterranean minerals and is drawn up by the roots of trees and plants for sustenance.

The Water element bladder and kidneys support the liver’s function of detoxification and help the Wood element organs, such as the gall bladder and liver, to function better. When the Metal element organs (lungs and large intestine), are functioning properly, the eliminating and reproductive properties of the Water element organs, are also activated.

Storage and discharge of urine is the main function of the urinary bladder. As it stores unnecessary fluids produced by the kidneys before eliminating them, an inefficient release of urine can cause toxicity, wherein the body aches and feels swollen due to toxins in the urine. When toxins such as uric acid accumulate, contraction of the bladder muscle weakens and causes urinary incontinence, urinary retention, or nocturia.

Pain and tension in the eyes and neck, fever and chills, nasal congestion, lower back pain, cramps in the backs of the legs, urinary difficulties, and reproductive issues are all symptoms of a blocked urinary channel. People with a lot of fear will most likely have a weak Urinary Bladder Meridian.

Exercises to Boost Water Energy Circulation:

Leg Stretches: Have a seat on the ground, stretch your legs outward, bend your body forward and clasp your toes or as far up your legs as you can reach. Stretch the bladder meridian “open” through the backs of your legs, knees and calves
Jung-choong Breathing (posture 4): This opens the Bladder Meridian on the backside of the body like nothing else can. Bring both legs completely over your head, hold your feet with your hands, and stay in this position for at least three minutes. As you open into this posture, exhale through your mouth, stretch open behind your knees, as you exhale – relax your heels toward the ground.
Cobra: Lie on your stomach, place your palms on the floor – under your chest and lift your upper body so your arms are straight. Sink into your shoulders and hold, exhaling your lower abdomen to the floor to relax into the posture. Cobra posture opens your chest and stimulates Water up/ Fire Down energy circulation balancing the energies of your kidneys and heart.


Recognizing Water Element Healing Signs

Water Element represents the deep subconscious. It’s association with transforming primal and course energy and refining it to higher levels evokes images of unknown depths. Paradoxically, healing signs of energy circulation being restored is often accompanied with sensations of fear or imminent danger.

Take another look at the Bladder Meridian graphic above. The meridians run up through the back of the neck, into the head through the section we commonly associate with sensing danger. Healing happens when the kidneys and adrenal glands warm, releasing cool water energy up the back channels through that sensitive section. If the blockage is strong, as one breaks a sweat the brain circuits go haywire because they are wired to interpret the sensations as danger.

In fact, the subconscious IS opening and fears that have lain dormant deep within also rise to the surface TO BE RELEASED. Yay!  But it won’t hurt you, they are just feelings – powerless ghosts from the past. This is one reason among many it is important to be guided and mentored by a qualified trainer. Otherwise the confusion creates a tendency to back away, which undermines resolve and essentially keeps even the bravest and brightest trapped.



The remedy is courage, which is born of strength and confidence.  With courage and confidence we can “dare to dream” and walk a path of meaning and purpose.  Without confidence and courage, it seems futile to dream, so many people spend their lives creating or engaging in distractions and dramas to keep their mind and their life too busy for in-depth soul searching. 

Once blockages are released and energy flows smoothly, our human nature yearns for deeper connection, and then quests for meaning and purpose. It is important to note true transformation comes with greater change. Changing your habits and your outlook. Expanding your conscious awareness to solve the question of why you are here, and developing your skills and capacity on a trajectory of growth, connection and comprehension.

This is where the journey of strengthening character begins and the 5 Elements can be a reliable path and reflective barometer to gage from.  Eventually we all flow to the silent depths of the deep blue ocean…when we are ready

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