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Are You An Energy Spiker? Here’s How To Cultivate Vitality That Flows

Are You An Energy Spiker? Here’s How To Cultivate Vitality That Flows

Do you wait for energy spikes to get your work done?

If so, your productivity is likely tenuous at best. Instead of mercilessly flogging yourself or filling low-energy periods with mindless tasks… try pausing to take care of your “B.O.S” (basic operating system). It’s a better use of your time.

Today I’ll reveal the sacred combination that today’s top influencers use to stay energy rich and vibrant. With a few simple tweaks, you too can wake up empowered with the vitality to make your impact with less effort.  You’ll discover you have more ease and flow through your day and well into the evening.

It’s a logical assumption with better energy and productivity – you will have more time, and generate more revenue. More than that you can:

  • See projects through to completion.
  • Take great care of your clients
  • Take courses to develop key skills.
  • Cultivate the relationships your business needs to thrive.
  • Have more free time for self care, and the people you love

You might even dust off the guitar, pick up an old hobby or plan that overdue getaway with family and friends…

Energy and vitality is fundamental to leadership. It’s actually imperative if you want the charisma to inspire your team and attract your tribe.

The Yin & Yang Of Energy Management

So here’s the skinny on poor energy management. There’s a Yin / Yang aspect to it that transcends the usual modern ideals of balance (that are subjective and don’t apply to entrepreneurs). That said, real “laws of nature” imbalances do show up… as polarities that lock each other in place. They surface from habits, uncontrolled short term desires, desperation and deprivation. Here’s a few examples:

  • If you are stressed and exhausted all day – there’s a good chance you are also wide awake, tossing and turning through the night.
  • When you are too tired to stock or prepare nourishing meals – your system will crave quick energy hits that burn you out more.
  • Although you know you need to make exercise a priority – you’re simply too exhausted by the end of the day.
  • Feeling like you should be working when you’re spending time with family or friends – and like you should be spending more time with them when you’re working late and on weekends. Rarely feeling present with either.

Breaking The Patterns That Drain Your Energy

Fact is, there’s discomfort breaking any pattern. If you want to thrive, you’ve got to start somewhere. Commit to changing one pattern at a time. You’ll likely need to put a corresponding opposite in place. For example; if you aren’t getting the sleep you need, you’ll need to:

1. Take action to restore your circadian rhythm

2. Determine whether the root culprit is stress, your diet, or staying up late watching Netflix etc… 

For example: Let’s say stress is keeping you awake at night… What you want is to wake up refreshed and empowered to make the most of your day. You know a ritual of morning exercise would build your vitality… and you’re aware that meditation will relax and refresh your mind to a clear state of awareness.

The problem is that you can’t find time to fit a solid energy boosting ritual in. But you have to if you want to break free. Here’s the trap:

1. You can’t get up early enough to fit it in before your workday, because you really need more sleep.

2. You can’t do it after work because you’re hungry and drained after pushing yourself all day, your will is gone.

3. You don’t seem able to change the habits that support this dynamic either (such as bad diet, drinking, or zoning out on Netflix) because they are your simple pleasures after a long hard day.

So, although you likely feel caught in a downward spiral beyond your control, if you want to change, something will have to give. Since this trap is so common for today’s entrepreneurs, I’ve developed a simple method to walk you step by step to get the energy, clarity and focus you need to get on point and manage your energy well.

Choosing to take action will mean the difference between fueling you vitality and business growth… or shrinking in exhaustion, despair and eventually – business failure.

*If you aren’t getting the rest you need and want specific action steps to make sleeping well your first priority, see: 7 Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep

Develop An Energy Enrichment Ritual

You want to develop rituals AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR DAY. This will build your energy and activate your vitality. It provides a foundation to get clear and focused on your priorities – and avoid energy leakage.

The following 3 steps that I named; “Center·Empower·Create” (in my Wake Up Empowered Program) work for the top influencers in your industry, and will work for you too.

1. Get Centered And Connected To Align With Your Priorities

Getting centered and connected involves turning your mind within. Done right, introspection will have you clear and focused on your goals, so you can identify your high and low value priorities. It provides you with the direction you need to stop scattering energy. It lights your path to cut through the grey zone, awaken hope and restore your enthusiasm.

This is your first fuel boost. Plus, it’s a simple process and doesn’t take much energy to accomplish. Personally, I love the nourishing feeling it provides, from deep within.

You might find it worthwhile to take a day off – and use a few hours, just to focus on this one step. You are welcome to download my free workbook: 7 Freedoms – Map Your Pattern of Success

2. Empower Your Core To Energize Your Day

During this step you want to build on the hope and enthusiasm you generated in step 1 – by taking physical action. .

Energy is circulated and generated through movement. You must release all the tired, stagnant energy that has accumulated, to make room for fresh energy to fuel your day. With more energy you can take the next steps of not just raising your productivity, but also shopping and simple food prep to further build vitality.

Even starting with 10 minutes of gentle exercise will give you traction. It will improve your energy and release stress to help you sleep better. As you feel your “inner gumption” wake up – you can gradually add time and intensity to build a reserve of energy that will carry you through the day into the evening.

You will soon notice your energy shifting. It won’t take as much effort to release stress and stagnant energy… and your focus is more on generating fresh energy.

If you want the kind of flow that promotes excellence, your exercise needs to integrate body, mind and spirit, which will cultivate your energy system beyond the limits of simple physical exercise. My students find their Qi-Energetics classes are a great instrument for this.  Regardless, any exercise routine is better than stagnation.

3. Harness Your Time And Energy To Use Them Well

Now, you have a foundation in place to create healthy boundaries to protect and leverage your time and energy. This means it’s time to structure your day with “interruption free zones”… It’s equally important to get into the habit of zooming out to your big picture and back in to the fine details. This is how you harness your energy to stay on point.

To master energy, you have to become very intentional about how you use it. “Where mind goes – energy follows”. You need to get clear about your ideal outcomes and break them down into key markers, timelines and your daily planner.

Gratitude is another major factor that sets you up for success. Although optimism is seeded in every step of this method and will flow naturally by this stage… listing what you are grateful for is a proven strategy to solidify these new success networks in your brain. Your brain receives the information it’s presented with and simply reacts (we’ll explore some dynamics of kinesthetics and brain receptors in another article).

Not to be overlooked; Have a daily planner that:

1. Includes your gratitude list,

2. Clearly articulates that day’s projects

3. Confirms your ideal outcome

If you do tend to toss and turn at night. This (along with step 1 and 2) will help your mind relax to get the sleep you need.

Learning to manage your energy well makes the difference between making your impact with less effort (creating the business and lifestyle you want), and exhausting yourself in reaction mode.

Want to me to take you by the hand and walk you step by step through a 30 minute routine to Double your impact with less effort? Reserve your spot on my next FREE 3 Morning Rituals To Win The Day Masterclass.


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