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Arrow frequently travels for speaking engagements, conferences and events. She holds regularly scheduled local classes and live streams/ records her training systems out of her Wellness Center - The House of Now, in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, Canada.


Arrow Gonsalves

Master Trainer | Master Healer  | Motivational Speaker | International Bestselling Author  | TEDX Audience Energizer

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Hi there! I specialize in training high performers to release stress and cut through overwhelm to be healthy, centered and charismatic. Through my brain and body training systems I'll  guide you to nourish your core and brighten your mind to function at peak performance. 

Instructing the Tao Healing Arts since 2003; I lead regularly scheduled Shin-sun-do classes, a 9700 year old personal cultivation practice of yoga, qigong and energy meditation.  These classes are supported by my signature program Human Energetics, Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, Leadership Training and Traditional Healer Training.

My methods expertly blend traditional Taoist training techniques and cutting edge modern neuroscience. My omnipotent 5 step system fosters personal empowerment and mindful living through cultivating your internal ki. You will be guided to self-mastery level through meridian exercise, chakra training, nature based philosophy, brain education and both; dynamic and static forms of chant and meditation.

"You have an ocean of possibility and I have your step by step system to center into mindfulness and empowered self expression." 

Motivational Speaker/ International Bestselling Author

Expertly delivered through an engaging combination of lessons, exercises and experiments, Arrow’s presentations will engage, awaken and inspire your audience.

All her topics and group training sessions will skillfully guide your audience step by step on a journey within of grounded self-connection and perceptual transformation that will make a lasting impression.

Using an artful combination of traditional practices and modern neuroscience, Arrow focuses on meeting your audience where they are and guiding them to restore balance in body, mind and spirit while eliciting deep internal AHA moments about the importance of integrating the entire being in raising their performance.


Our Mission

We train high performers to release stress and cut through overwhelm to stay healthy and centered, nourishing their core and brightening their mind while elevating their performance.

We'll meet you where you are and guide you to develop strong personal management skills. You will start by turning your mind within to manage your health. Next you'll harness your energy to improve your relationships and build charisma. Third, you will hone the creative powers of your mind to a pure and agile state of peaceful, proactive awareness.

Through nourishing your core vitality in this way, our step by step training system ‘Human Energetics’ equips you to take focused, empowered and enlightened actions that create win/win solutions in your personal life, community and the world. Essentially, mastering your brain & body connection and harnessing the energy of the cosmos to achieve your goals.


We are contributing toward the global network of enlightened high performers who have the physical vitality, confidence and agile awareness it takes to dream big and improve their environment from the inside out.

Thought leaders who are generating win/win situations and healing societies. First within their lives, then rippling outward though their homes, community, workplace and the world.

Conscious creators who are strengthening their character through daily life. They have developed the ability to strategize with intelligence and insight, and are confidently creating an abundance in heart and mind that both naturally and strategically materializes and overflows outward to the world.


Our programs perform best for...

People from all walks of life with the desire to nourish their health and inner resilience by connecting to their core and strengthening their character. Ideally, they are actively seeking an intelligent, proven method to be healthy, happy, peaceful, creative and productive.


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"I'm sharing this because I've tried many healing services but Arrow truly gives more insight into how energy moves through every part of your body and how your awareness can help your body to heal."

Diana Schroeder

Retired School Teacher

"Thank you Arrow!  This training was life changing for me.  To break into my soul is a great gift.  My awakening is that I am LIGHT."

Jean Dresen

Executive - Retired

"The Taoist yoga practice has truly changed my life.  I had no expectations going in except "living with chronic pain".  With Arrow's healing guidance I have released years of stored stress from my body which directly contributed to my failing physical condition.  With only five months practice, I am feeling healthier and stronger than I have in almost a decade, and the physical benefits are only part of the process.  Again, with Arrow's compassionate direction I have connected to my true self by uniting body, mind & soul.  Arrow, I will be forever grateful having you in my life

Lana Rhodes


"Beyond expectations. Very intense experience – moving, meaningful, real. Feeling unconditional love & compassion through the structured experiences ... and hope. All that I need is in my soul.
I have been practicing for over two years and continue to unravel the mental patterns, conditioned, habitual responses and physical blockages that serve my personality. I am clearer about my true desires and am mindfully setting intentions to grow my core self or soul. The application of this practice changes the way I see the world, for which I am very grateful.
It is a huge shift from my "psychological" orientation which I had cultivated through my years as a mental health professional, nurse and counselor."

Christin Keeler

Retired Psychiatric Nurse

I spent six months working with Arrow while she had her studio Heart Drum Beat in Prince Rupert, BC. The work with her opened up places I was finally ready to look at, and the experience that unfolded was one of the most challenging, rewarding, and powerful transformations I've gone through as a person. The workshops were accelerated versions of the in class work. The home practice was where it really opened up for me and lent itself to my work as a weaver. By no means have I completed the process. For anyone ready to do the deep, hard work of the inner world, this practice is a grounded and profound tool and guide. I feel blessed to have encountered it and for what it offers. Thank you Arrow!

Meghann O'Brien

Professional Snow Boarder, First Nations ChilKat Weaver

"Arrow, I feel deeply grateful for today's experience. The concepts resonate so clearly and so simply with what I know to be true. Thank you."

Dr. Dorle Kneifel


"Hi Friends, Wishing you happiness and health!  I want to share with you a practice that has been working very well for me in achieving both ? I have been studying and practicing Taoist yoga and energy practice for 18 months and find it helpful in identifying, refining and achieving my goals.  Healthy body, mind and spirit are foundational to this and the practice reflects this multi-dimensional nature."

Nancy Hofer

Environmental Planner, City of Courtenay

"Arrow, I sincerely appreciate and value the Do-in classes and instruction you provide. Regular practice and your mentorship are continuing to develop and facilite a healthy, inner and secure sense of confidence and well-being that I am growing and carrying with me daily, both, in my inner and outer world experiences. As I continue to grow with the practice, I consistently experience more joy and peace through out my days! Wheee J Chunjikiun"

Tree Murdock

Administrative Assistant

"Arrow,  I've really enjoyed how all the information has come together.  Understanding the steps has made so much sense  and is so confirming for all the changes I've felt this past year.  Thank you for all these great workshops you have provided for us. The Yoga practice and your great facility and workshops have helped to truly transform my life. Many blessings to you... and thank you for being a great role model."

Sheila Watt

Freelance Marketing

"A year ago, I was diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease.  The main symptoms were tremors in the right arm and leg, and loss of coordination such as swinging the right arm while walking.  I started practising at Heart Drum Beat a month ago and attended at least 4 classes per week.This week I had appointments with my neurologist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. They both told me they saw an improvement over my last visit and the TCM Doctor asked me what exercise I was doing. Overall, I feel more energetic and have regained coordination and flexibility.

Ed Bosman

Retired Professor - IT Consultant