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What do you want for 2019?

Taking time to reflect and return to your essence at this time of year will align you harmoniously with the season.

If you are feeling stressed, overextended or lonely, it’s natures way of calling you to rest and turn your mind within.

Winter is a time to let go, rest and simplify. It’s important to reflect, clean up loose ends, and make space if you want new growth in the coming year.

A carpenter organizes their tools and sweeps the workshop clear before starting a new project. To change ingrained habits and move into something new you also must take inventory, clear debris and make space available. This brightens your being, preparing the conditions and priming your mindset for  success.


Aligning With The Season: Water Element

Winter is a time of rest, returning and quiet preparation.  Nurturing your essence, your vital energy and clearing clutter is a beautiful way of honoring your efforts of the past year and mindfully charting your direction forward for clear, unobstructed sailing.

Water is one of 5 Elemental energies in Tao Philosophy (a 10,000 year old, nature based belief system which informs Eastern social systems and the sciences; including the Healing Arts and Chinese Medicine). Water Element represents the Winter season. As with First Nations here, its direction is north, its color is midnight blue or black. 

Physically, the “Water Element” relates to physical health, vitality and longevity. It governs the health and functionality of your Kidney and Urinary Bladder. Psychologically, balancing the Water Element resolves conditions of stress, confidence and personal ethics.

This theory aligns with our calling to turn within and reflect, clearing and quietening our mind to the stillness of clear peaceful waters or the mirrored surface of a frozen pond.


Holiday Illusions

Spending time at your hearth with friends and/ or family (if you have them) during the holidays is meant to form a hub that nourishes your core in alignment with the season. If you keep it simple and prioritized, it’s beautiful and enriches personal and collective growth.

Done well, this nourishment naturally extends outward manifesting a sense of compassion that over-rides differences. It results in exchanged expressions of love, counted blessings, forgiveness and sharing with those experiencing hardship.

Like the midnight colored crow or raven, attracted to all that glitters… Sadly, there’s a twisted perception around the underlying purpose of the holy season.  Falling under its spell results in an unnecessarily stressful period of over-extension through too busy, too extravagant preparations. It puts too much reliance on the image of the big happy family as the meaning of Christmas and projects outward feelings of lack or loneliness for many.

Truth is, the deepest satisfaction during the holy-days and long dark nights comes through honest introspection… turning within with a sincere mind to evaluate your true values, which when integrated, brings you to a path of counting your blessings. It’s a path of figuring out how to turn your deeper desires into your reality. How to circulate and share your energy, bringing a sense of personal value and fulfillment.

This is why we yearn to grow and change with the turning of the Winter Solstice and dedicated this time to be the start of a New Year.


7 Steps To Change Your Habits

Water merges, separates and flows to find the path of least resistance in its drive to return to the peace of the deep blue ocean. Likewise cultivating the physical, emotional and mental agility to change your habits, brings health, happiness and fulfillment through the following process

Series of Habits -> Series of Transitions -> Series of Micro-Transformations = MAJOR TRANSFORMATIONS


7 Steps To Change A Habit:

  1. Turn your mind WITHIN.
  2. Meditate to identify what YOU really want.
  3. Take inventory of where you are right now.
  4. Identify your 1st action step toward your goal
  5. Identify the obstructing habit
  6. Clear time/space to devote 21 days to make that one change
  7. Journal or set up an accountability process

Then, there are 7 micro-transformations that occur through the transitions that come from a series of changed habits.


7 Micro-Transformations

  1. Awaken
  2. Refresh
  3. Versatilize
  4. Meaningful Purpose
  5. Integration
  6. Authorship
  7. Mastery

It’s amazing how quickly and completely transformation take place by focusing on one’s inner game this way. The key is to use your energy system, which unifies all aspects of your brain and body into one team, as you progress.

Energy is always changing, and it’s also either expanding or shrinking. Just like your mind and capacity, depending on how you manage them and channel your energy.

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