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3 Simple Strategies To Release Strain & Restore Flow

Want less strain, more flow through your day?

I was given some great advice about this a long time ago. I don’t remember who said it. But it stuck with me and has stood through the test of time for myself and my students.

They said that when I get stuck or find myself straining too hard without getting traction…  I probably either rushed, skipped or overlooked a step.

And even though it sometimes feels counter-intuitive, especially if I’m on a deadline…

I know now that it’s true. I get further, faster, when I go back to complete the step before.

I was thinking about this today, how there’s 3 main categories of strain.

That basically, with each category, the solution lies in self connection


#1: Physical Strain

Physical strain gets released through movement and breathwork.

  1. First by releasing tension from your muscles and joints.
  2. Next, by circulating fresh energy through your meridian pathways.
  3. Third, by strengthening to cultivate qi-energy in your core.

As qi-energy flows freely between your brain and body it flows freely in your daily life as well.

New ‘Human Energetics’ students often say they’re amazed how adopting this simple morning ritual creates more ease in every aspect of their life and business.

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2. Emotional Strain

​There’s also the emotional strain of developing new skills and habits to make your impact

Releasing emotional strain starts with:

  1. Getting clear and focused on what you want, and your priorities.
  2. By harnessing your mind and energy to take bold action.

This is important because many people make the mistake of waiting to have the confidence to move forward into new territory.

They get caught in a cycle of fear, perfection and procrastination. Needing everything to be perfectly executed as they move forward.

But confidence only comes from experience…

Gathering courage and taking action to measure your results and develop your skills is what’s required.

As you take brave action, your brain verifies the results and as you develop your skills, your confidence builds.

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3. Spiritual Strain

The spiritual strain of non-acceptance.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “could have and should have” monologue, of wishing people and situations were different than they are.

Especially when we layer it with our moral values of what’s good or bad or right or wrong. This falls into the category of conducting the same behavior over and over… and expecting a different result.

Spiritual strain is released, actually it get’s dissolved through wisdom. It involves grounding into the present moment, and then “going meta” to see and accept people and circumstances as they are.

Meditation is great for this because it provides you with a meta viewpoint to see your emotional attachments and observing any hidden motivations and unrealistic expectations more objectively, without getting stubborn, self-righteous or sentimental.

The wisdom to know when to accept frees your mental energy to shift out of the problem into the solution, so you can relax into a more effective approach

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