Chakra Training

Energy is the bridge between body and mind...
The mind controls the energy, the energy controls the body.  With this awareness we can awaken, self empower, and create change.  We use the body to control the mind, and the mind to control the body.  When energy circulates freely, we have a healthy body, joyful emotions (less stress), and a peaceful, sparkling clear mind. 

Energy runs through a network of pathways in the body that are called meridians.  Chakras are energy centres in the body. A chakra is a hub in which the energies of mind, body and spirit are intertwined and sent through the meridians for use in our daily lives.

There are seven of these energy centres, running down the midline of the body.  When the chakras are functioning well, we are healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Each chakra governs a specific kind of energy related to various human attributes.  In general terms the upper chakras are responsible for spiritual ( information), the middle chakras, emotional and the lower with our physical.  As we properly circulate and balance the energies in each of theses areas and with each other we create balance and harmony into deeper levels of awareness and peace.

By learning to pay attention to your energy system, you learn to look deeply at the underlying causes of any physical problems and mental difficulties you may have.

Heart Drum Beat Chakra Workshop is a 3 part training program specifically targeting chakra development and alignment.  You can feel, activate, and balance all seven chakras through this training.



This very special training consists of:

  • 2 hr. preparation training
  • 4 hr. main workshop
  • Reinforcement training

*Chakra Training is available to Graduates of Awakening Golden Sun Workshop.


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